Checklist of the British & Irish Basidiomycota

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Mycena renati Quél., Enchir. fung. (Paris): 34 (1886)

Mycena flavipes Quél., Mém. Soc. Émul. Montbéliard Sér. 2 5: 422 (1873)

Habitat: On decayed wood of deciduous trees.

Notes: Apparently rare. Known from England (West Sussex) with three collections in the area around Arundel between 1974 and 2001. There is also an old record from Co. Durham in 1911, this unsubstantiated with voucher material.

Distribution: E: !

Vouchers: England: K(M) 88285

Descriptions, Lists & Icons:
D+I:, in Breitenbach, J., Kränzlin, F., Fungi of Switzerland Boletes and agarics (1st part) 3: 361 pp. (1991), p. 288, pl. 359
D:, in Hansen, L. & Knudsen, H., Nordic Macromycetes Polyporales, Boletales, Agaricales, Russulales. 2: 474 pp. (1992), p. 158
I:, in Courtecuisse. R. & Duhem. B., Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain & Europe: 480 pp. (1995), as Mycena renatii, p. 225
I:, in Krieglsteiner, G.J., Die Grosspilze Baden-Würtenbergs - Band 3 3: 634 pp. (2001), p. 461

Conservation Status: Rare (Red Data List, Ing 1992); Vulnerable / D2 (Red Data List, Evans et al. 2006); BAP species

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