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Russula nigricans (Bull.) Fr., Epicr. syst. mycol. (Uppsala): 350 (1838)

Agaricus elephantinus Bolton, Col. fig. Engl. Fung. Mushr. (London) 1: tab. 28 (1795)
Omphalia adusta β elephantinus (Bolton) Gray, Nat. Arr. Brit. Pl. (London) 1: 614 (1821)
Russula elephantina (Bolton) Fr., Epicr. syst. mycol. (Uppsala): 350 (1838)
Russula nigrescens Krombh., Naturgetr. Abbild. Beschr. Schwämme (Prague) 9: 27 (1845)

Habitat: On soil in old deciduous woodland, usually with Fagus or Quercus spp. Also known with Salix repens on cliff tops in Shetland fide R. Watling (pers. comm.).

Notes: Common and widespread.

Distribution: E: c, S: c, W: c, NI: c, ROI: c, Other: Isle of Man: !

Vouchers: England: K(M) 31925; Scotland: K(M) 109153; Wales: K(M) 137528

Descriptions, Lists & Icons:
I:, in Sowerby, J., Coloured Figures of English Fungi or Mushrooms Vol.1 1: 50 pp. [pl. 1-120] (1796), as Agaricus elephantinus, pl. 36
I:, in Galli, R., Le Russule: 480 pp. (1996), p. 44-45
D+I:, in Sarnari, M., Monografia Illustrata del Genere Russula in Europe (Tomo Primo) 1: 799 pp. (1998), p. 154-158

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