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Russula sardonia Fr., Epicr. syst. mycol. (Uppsala): 353 (1838) [1836-1838]

Russula drimeia Cooke, Grevillea 10(no. 54): 46 (1881)
Russula chrysodacryon Singer, Z. Pilzk. 2(1): 16 (1923)
Russula sardonia var. mellina Melzer, Arch. Přírodov. Výzk. Čech. 17(4): 96 (1927)
Russula drimeia var. flavovirens Rea, Trans. Br. mycol. Soc. 17(1-2): 45 (1932)
Russula chrysodacryon f. viridis Singer, Beih. Botan. Centralbl. Abt. B 49(2): 289 (1932)
Russula drimeia f. viridis (Singer) Bon, Docums Mycol. 17(no. 65): 55 (1986)

Habitat: On soil, usually with Pinus sylvestris but also other conifers such as Larix and Picea spp.

Notes: Very common and widespread.

Distribution: E: c, S: c, W: c, NI: c, ROI: c, Other: Isle of Man: c

Vouchers: England: K(M) 62557; Scotland: K(M) 105289; Wales: K(M) 109180; NI: K(M) 83094; Other: Isle of Man: K(M) 109179

Descriptions, Lists & Icons:
I: Russula torulosa and other interesting fungi in Newborough Forest, in Aron, C., Field Mycology 2(3): 73-109 (2001), p. 103

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