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Russula densifolia Secr. ex Gillet, Hyménomycètes (Alençon): 231 (1876) [1878]

Habitat: On acidic soil in mixed deciduous woodland, usually associated with Fagus or Quercus spp. Occasionally reported with Betula spp.

Notes: Occasional but widespread. N.B. non sensu NCL nor Rayner (1985) (= Russula acrifolia).

Distribution: E: !, S: !, W: !, NI: !, ROI: !, Other: Channel Islands: !

Vouchers: England: K(M) 81489; Scotland: K(M) 58827; Wales: K(M) 90710; ROI: K(M) 9214

Descriptions, Lists & Icons:
I: Russula densifolia, in anon., Field Mycology 2(3): 73-109 (2001), p. Back cover

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